my mind is a door everyone just walks in.
A toxic mind is made with misery

My mind is a door and the world is a skeleton key. There’s not one but thousands living in me. im diffrent everyday, and it’s pretty hard to say, how long i must of been living this way. I’m filled with anger, I’m coated with shame, there’s a beast in me and it’s hard to maintain. No matter how fast i run or how deep i hide, it stands right next to my faith and pride. The guilt sinks in and my guts turn, seventeen years not a damn thing learned. I almost made it out but im unable to die, he sent me back and gave me the ability to cry. This pain in my cheast is making me confess, im addicted I’m hooked im freaking obsessed. Will i be okay no of course, i’ll just be on my way witha heart full of remores.

Words from a toxic mind

                                                          ~moniquemaria cooper